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: Our most raddest of congratulations on a mega opening weekend for our #SuperTroopers2 pals! It was our honor soundt… https://t.co/DyMmtcpB5r

: RT @dwaynemcintosh: #SuperTroopers2 is hilarious. Well worth the wait. Love their choice in music, Eagles of Death Metal soundtrack. Wo… https://t.co/VhwZBzDm9e

: RT @Aaron_Cooney: If you like the Broken Lizard dudes, go see @SuperTroopers, real funny stuff. And I totally forgot that… https://t.co/6EpLLf6nA7

: NEON!! So rad. We love this, #CaptainHandlebar. Thanks for making, and thanks for sharing! https://t.co/qg4QhwlBRT

: ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 https://t.co/95aJXXnCCl